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| What is Iroko Timber?

Our timber furniture is made from Iroko timber, known as African Teak, which originates from West Africa. Iroko is a hardwood, which is tough, dense, durable, and resistant to decay. Its colour varies from golden yellow to dark brown when freshly cut but matures to an even shade of brown over time.

It is well known for its use in boat building, furniture and the construction industry and does not require as regular treatment and oiling when used outdoors compare to other timbers making it a great choice for outdoor furniture .Our timber has been seasoned, cured and sourced from our chain of sustainable suppliers.

| Joinery

The timber is then machined, joined, and pinned with visible dowels, waterproof polyurethane glue and s/steel fixings to achieve the highest and most durable construction possible and finished/sealed with a coat of oil. This initial coat of oil allows the timber to breath while protecting and sealing it while assisting it to climatize in its new environment. It then becomes the client/owner’s choice and responsibility to maintain and care for it.

| Maintenance & Care

Like all timber, Iroko is a natural material that will expand and contract in acceptable increments when exposed to the outdoors, due to the humidity and temperature of the environment. Slight movement, colour change and surface cracks may appear over time, especially when left unmaintained/unoiled/untreated but should not undermine the structural integrity of the furniture and should not be considered as a structural defect.

| How do I ensure my items remain in good condition?

The maintenance routine can be done as follows with our oils. Alternatively, any other suitable product can be applied providing you follow that products instructions.

The cushions need to be removed
One must give the timber a light sand with 100 grit sand paper
Excess dust should be cleaned off with a soft dry cloth
Shake and/or stir the tin of oil so that it mixes properly before use
Apply oil to a mutton cloth and cover all the areas of the timber surfaces evenly
Only apply a medium film of oil – it should not be dripping
Leave on for about 15 minutes to allow the oil to penetrate. Then wipe off the excess oil – if you leave it on for too long it will dry like syrup and become sticky

*Dispose of the used cloth by first saturating it with water as the oil is flammable.

The next maintenance routine will depend on how quickly the timber changes due its exposure to the

If one chooses not to maintain their timber furniture it will gradually change and lighten in colour depending on its exposure to the outdoor elements, thus, eventually weathering to a silver-grey patina. When the timber weathers, slight surface cracking is expected as the timber is ‘drying out’. This is a purely natural outcome and should not be considered as a structural defect. The furniture will still continue to serve its function for years to come. That being said one can maintain/restore their furniture at any given time.

| Timber Guarantee

Workmanship: Bloc Outdoor offers a 2-year guarantee against structural and faulty workmanship unless damage is caused due to misuse, negligence or any other act of nature. Timber is a natural product and slight surface cracking and movement is expected.

Porcelain Stoneware

| About the material

We use full-body porcelain as a surface option due to its incredible ability to perform outdoors. Porcelain is a ‘newer’ type of ceramic which is made from finer, denser clay and is fired at higher temperatures. Because of its density it is tougher, highly resistant to scratches and stains and impervious to water. It is therefore highly resistant to any liquid penetration and therefore does not require to be sealed. Further to that porcelain is heat-resistant and can withstand extended periods of time in direct sunlight. Its non-porous surface does not harbour bacteria and mould growth, which makes it very hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.

Spills can be spot cleaned with a damp rag or almost any mild/regular household clean agent when necessary.

| Maintenance & Care

Avoid cutting directly on the surface.

Porcelain is rigid and therefore sensitive to fracturing with jolting actions. Care must be taken when moving any item with a porcelain top. Never “drop” or “drag” your table. Rather lift, and place gently.

It is not advised to sit, stand, or jump on any porcelain top. Similarly, striking our porcelain tops with a hard or solid object can cause damage or fracturing. Ensure that all four table legs touch the ground firmly to offer maximum support to the porcelain top.

| Guarantee

Workmanship: BLOC Outdoor offers a 2-year guarantee against structural and faulty workmanship unless damage is caused due to misuse, negligence or any other act of nature other than natural/normal weather conditions.

Material: Notwithstanding the above, our porcelain surfaces are guaranteed to withstand direct and harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Cushions & Fabric

| About

Our cushions are made from high-quality medium-density foams. The cushions are wrapped in a layer of Dacron and covered with a breathable inner for protection. The slipcover is then made in a variety of fabrics from our preferred brands. All the fabrics are completely suitable for the outdoors and made from high quality ‘solution dyed polymers’. This means that the pigment of the fabric is added into the polymer yarns, not just on the outer layer. This prevents fading over long periods of time. The fabrics are also treated with a protector which imparts a water, oil and soil repellent for quick drying and easy cleaning. Biocides are added to prevent the growth of mildew, making the fabrics UV and water resistant, stain, rot and mould proof. Our fabric brands include Sunbrella, Tempotest and Cedarbrook. Each brand offers a variety of options, pricing and guarantees.

| Maintenance & Care

It is important to follow the care, cleaning, and maintenance instructions of the fabric brand. Although it is a completely outdoor product, we recommend that one should store their cushions in a dry place or cover them with outdoor covers. When completely soaked in water/rain we recommend that one should take the cushions out of their slipcovers and stand them upright until dry. Slipcovers can be wiped down with a clean and slightly damp micro-fibre cloth, they can also be machine washed in cold water with standard amounts of mild laundry detergent.

For Sunbrella Care and Cleaning Tips



| About the material

We use a UV-resistant polyester rope which is used in the marine and boating industry. It has been tried and tested in all weather conditions. This rope is strong and durable. We incorporate rope on selected chairs, benches and sofas as it provides a comfortable seating experience and serves as a unique design feature.

| Maintenance & Care

The rope is low maintenance and only requires cleaning when needed. This can be done with a scrub brush and warm soapy water – then rinsed with clean water after. The rope will retain its true colour for years to come.

| Guarantee

Workmanship: Bloc Outdoor offers a 2-year guarantee against structural and faulty workmanship unless damage is caused due to misuse, negligence or any other act of nature.


| About the material

We make use of steel and aluminium. They are materials which offer great structural strength, durability and require little to no maintenance. All of our metals have been carefully selected to suit an intended purpose and have been treated/coated in order to ensure long term durability while being exposed to the outdoor elements. Coatings can chip and scratch if not handled with care.

| Maintenance & Care

Dust surfaces regularly
Wipe with a soft damp cloth
Do not rub, scratch or scour
Mild detergents can be used on powder-coated surfaces when necessary.